You Can Finally Purchase Google Wifi, Available On Best Buy

If you’re experiencing difficulty purchasing a Google Wifi to simplify your home or office network due to lack of availability of the product, then you’ll be more than happy to know that the router is available to purchase from Best Buy.

As for instructions, Google Wifi comes with just two Ethernet ports, which will require you to use one of the ports when you plug in your modem.

Google Wifi

After you plug the Google Wifi into the modem, the light of the device will turn blue, prompting you that the device is now ready to get configured.

During this time, you should download the Google Wifi app and sign in using your Google account.

Google Wifi was designed for all the new demands you put on Wi-Fi.

It can handle multiple devices streaming, sharing, downloading, anywhere in the house.

Advanced Google software works in the background to manage your network so you never have to.

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Google Wifi

Network Assist always selects the clearest channel and fastest band for your devices, plus offers helpful insights so you always get the most out of your Wi-Fi.

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