Augmented Reality: Google wants to get into Star Wars and fight first order

In recent months, virtual reality has captured the attention and the augmented fell slightly in the shade. However, the video demo above reminds you of what virtual reality technology is an amazing tool.

Those from Trixie Studios uploaded video above, just to show you how you can interact with the environment using augmented reality. This time, the test involves shooting game inspired by Star Wars, which include Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and the cute BB-8 Awakening Force.

According to the creators of the video, all images were captured live on Project Tango device without further editing.

For those who do not know, Project Tango is Google idea to experiment with mobile devices that can recognize and interpret maps of the environment like a man. That is to perceive depth, to perceive positioning, and all this in software and hardware.

Tango is an advanced solution that uses two cameras to record 3D environment, a set of sensors for measuring distances to surrounding objects, two dedicated processors for image called Myriad 1 and classical modules GPS and gyroscope for precise positioning of the phone in space.

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There, however, is in the testing phase, but the video above, although it is only a demonstration shows us about what we could expect from augmented reality in the future.

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