Google Voice receives massive redesign, rolling out today for Android, iOS and the web

It’s happening. It’s really, really happening.

It turns out the tease was not a lie: Google Voice is receiving much-needed attention for the first time in 5 years. The redesign comes across all platforms — the web, Android, and iOS — and completely starts from scratch on the interface and features while retaining the same core experience that has kept loyal Google Voice users around this whole time.

Continued support for Voice? This truly is a magical day.

The new interface across the web and apps looks entirely fresh and clean, with better organization of different parts of the experience. Messages, calls, and voicemails are kept in separate tabs, and conversations with a single person are grouped together into cohesive threads. After dabbling with it and having half-baked support for years, Google is finally putting its foot down to say that Voice now supports group and photo MMS messaging as well. On the app front, you’ll also find the option to directly reply from notifications.

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Google says that if you’re still using Hangouts for your Google Voice experience you can continue to do so, but chances are you’ll be scrambling to try the new app and website as soon as possible. The brand new website and apps are rolling out today, but perhaps equally as important is that Google claims it will continue to iterate on the new design and introduce new features in the future. Continued support for Voice? This truly is a magical day.

Via:: androidcentral

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