Google mistakenly releases a trial version of the May patch to some Pixel XL

Google, for some time, releases monthly updates consisting of security patches and, sometimes, take advantage to fix some system failure.

Pixel XL
Several manufacturers, in their way, commit themselves to do the same, so that, month after month, we are having a more secure Android.

Something natural in the software world is that, before sending an update to the public, it is tested internally to avoid failures that make the experience of use even worse.

This time Google has mistakenly sent a trial version of the May security patch to some users of a Pixel XL.

This beta of the May patch was a version to be tested internally, so employees could install and use their Pixel XL without a problem, but not talk about it to outsiders. But Mountain View escaped them to the point that in Android Police appeared a couple of catches of this slip.

The update itself says nothing more than it is a security patch but does not seem to include much more since it only occupies 62.3 MB, although knowing Google, it is possible that there is some bug fix.

At the moment we do not know if Google will remove this update to those who have received it from the outside (which is the most logical) or if, for what is left, let them enjoy the patch.

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This is not the first time Google has made a mistake

Pixel XL

Anyway, it is not the first time that the search giant messes up, and is that a few days ago several Pixel users, its XL version, Nexus 6P and 5X reported that the fingerprint sensor stopped working in this Latest version of Android. Google opened a topic in its forum for Pixel users and Nexus to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it.

In this case, the users have not been able to find any solution, not even a factory reset fixed the problem, at least not for those who made the installation via OTA. The solution, as commented in the forums, is to flash the factory image, as several users who updated with this method can enjoy the fingerprint sensor without problems.

These are the most recent errors of Google, and will not be the last, although we must understand that all companies, especially the largest, may have some failure. Some will have more impact, such as the fingerprint sensor, while others will be more curious than serious, such as the beta of the patch.

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