Google sets deadline for support of Pixel and Pixel XL, how long will they be updated?

Google Pixel went straight to the high end to stay presumably for a long time.

Pixel XL
This is the intention of the great G with its two phones that have been very well received by both the media and the Android community And is that even your camera is still the best to date when we have the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 in the market.

One of the essential points for a top of the range is the period of updates that will be obtained when one acquires it.

This theme is very important for some Pixel who are the first to have Android updates and now we know: two years of updates and three to receive security patches.

You will have a smartphone that will be updated the first one for two years

Today Google has revealed the period of updates that have their two phones. Both the Pixel and the Pixel XL were launched in October 2016. The big G guarantees that they will receive updates for two years to finish in October 2018.

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This means that you will have in your hand a smartphone that will be the first to receive the updates and will have them for two years. A fact more than important and that to this day you have to look when you buy a new Android mobile device.

A web page is available where you can see the Google Pixel security updates and patches deadline.

As for security patches, the two Pixel will have support for this type of updates until October 2019.

Google follows what was stipulated with the Nexus line to put the accent on devices that have to be updated to prevent malware and those apps with malicious code.

The big G has the web where you can see the deadline for support for your current Google Pixel and the ones to come, as we met days ago.

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