An innovative Google Product-Fiber TV

Google Fiber, which is known to be the most popular and innovative product is known for its high-speed internet and TV service offered in the few cities in and around the world.

Most of the folks love this fiber service because of its speed internet and TV service.

It was launched in Kansas City, which lies in the Midwestern United States. Later, this service was extended to Texas, Utah, and Atlanta then slowly expanded to other cities.

The internet speed of the Google Fiber internet is hundred times faster than the normal brand connection. The consumers are also given a chance to the basic connection with the other broadband services for free of cost.

At the initial stage, the consumers have to pay the one-time fee of three hundred dollars or twenty-five dollars for the period of about twelve months.

Google Fiber’s TV and internet connection have the amusing customers. Most of the consumers have a positive impact on the company’s customer service. Excluding the Google, the other companies face it as a big deal.

Particularly, it will be one of the biggest challenges of the start-up companies. The leading organizations like Comcast and Time Warner Cable have responded as awful, unresponsive, and overpriced. But the customers can understand the things going in the business.

Google addressed their business practices and started to reduce their price rates. A new exciting innovation is that company Google has updated the Fiber TV app, which suits both the iOS and Android platforms.

Recently Google has announced the renovated Google Play Music, which is totally dependent on the machine learning technology.

By using this technology, the personal recommendations of the consumer were gathered and the information based on, where the consumer is, and for what reason the consumer is listening to music at the particular situation is experimented.

The Fiber TV app provides their customers to watch their favorite TV programs live or when they like watching them. Another impressive thing about this app is that consumers can control their TV with their mobile.

Google has increased its machine technology to the Fiber TV so that they have ease of access to the content and they also can provide personal recommendations to the consumers; on the other side of the coin, the app’s design remains the same.

An app is integrated with Display Video Recorder so that one can record the shows even when the person is not at home.

The history and preferences are also available for the betterment of future. If the folks are busy with some other work the automatic recording option helps them to watch their missed events.

A Brief sketch about Google’s Fiber TV:

Google Fiber is one among the top TV businesses because of the specialized feature of its own broadband network. In the U.S it is predicted that the Over-the-Top Content TV (OTT) could take up the existing system.

The current model is somewhat restrictive economically for the large investment and they have to improve their adaptability. At present, Google Fiber Inc has adapted the OTT concept to develop its TV strategy. Its target is to build an access network in the selected cities across the globe.

Problems faced by Fiber TV:

The Fiber TV is also facing many issues with the geographical limitations and the programming cost is the most hectic problem for each and every new entrant and for all the small operators in the market.

The price of the network formulation is a costlier one. The developer should focus on the top model technologies because they throw up the currently existing model.

With the help of YouTube, Google has established an OTT video service. The folks will experience a different atmosphere watching such a TV from that of the traditional TV. The traditional TV’s target is to focus on the higher premiums.

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For Example Sling TV, Netflix Inc and Home Box office Inc are gradually moving towards the high-quality television content, which is based on the internet problems. Google Fiber TV is designed to provide better services.

It also helps to understand more about the user’s opinions like their likes and dislikes. In the future, Google Fiber TV will be placed on the walls of many homes all over the world. Visit to enjoy the clone scripts.

The updated features of Google Fiber TV:

A pleasant section for favorite shows:
This feature helps the folks to catch up with their favorite TV shows. The home screen will show the next available episodes and the users can also record their favorite shows.

Catch up with sports:

This feature provides the list of games and also the upcoming events; the folks can watch them with the live scores and they can also record the events and watch them later, whenever they wish.

The users can record their shows like the events happening at the present or which are scheduled in the future with the help of Digital Video Recorder just with a single click. Without worrying about the location base, the users can record their events.

Recording of Events:

The new updated feature with the Google Fiber TV is that the users can record their favorite programs in just a single trap.

This feature was brought into action because to help the users so that they will not miss their favorite shows. Even when an individual is out with their friends they can record it.

Personalized Recommendations:

Machine learning technology is a type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which provides all the systems with the ability to learn without the support of explicit programming.

This technology is based on the two types of algorithms, Supervised and unsupervised one. By using this service, the Google Fiber TV app endorses the consumers, some of the programs, which they may prefer to watch.

This technique helps the users to watch their favorite shows by reminding about them.

The confirmation date about this app has not been released yet, but it will be relieved as soon as possible. This app is supported by both the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store.

The Android version of 4.1 and above supports this app. The iOS version of the Fiber TV app is nearly 75 MB. It supports many languages like English, Hindi, French etc and the new iOS version is about 8.0 or above. Google Fiber TV app supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Why people prefer Google Fiber?

To bring a halt for buffering:

Buffering is the greatest frustration of the internet users. Most of the people use to watch videos on YouTube on the web, where the main problem is buffering.

But, hereafter there is no need to worry about buffering; this technology brought an end to this buffering. This is one of the features that the cyberspace users want from their developer.

Meeting the rivalry:

When Google Fiber entered into the battle-field, many companies thought that the objective of the Google Fiber was to criticize the present broadband service producer; they will be providing the customers with many astonishing offers. But that was not the truth.

Google started this service as a normal start-up, and it started to improve its features. The main objective of the company is to provide better services to the users.

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