Google does not allow ads on fake news sites

Fake news sites have become very popular in recent years, and Google is trying to discourage such practices by eliminating support for AdSense platform on those online publications.

In recent weeks it was a greatly debated subject of publications dealing with publishing false or misleading information after it emerged that could significantly influence the outcome of US elections.

Apparently, a significant number of sites, with an important audience, served in a regular news aimed at putting a positive light Trump’s gestures and an attack on Hillary Clinton.

In the hope of discouraging blogs and news sites that publish such content almost exclusively, Google published during yesterday new rules on the use of AdSense platform.

The latter is an online platform through which Google offers advertising modules interested persons, that are subsequently remunerated based on clicks and impressions generated.

Starting from the premise that such sites make no false content as the general public and do not come with real benefits for readers, Google will no longer finance their content by displaying AdSense ads.

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Bottom line, the ads will not be displayed on pages that are bad informed, erroneous or hide information about who publish content published or main purpose.


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