Google Maps Wi-Fi only mode – save offline areas

Google is revealing a sizeable upgrade to Google Maps that brings another Wi-Fi only disconnected mode. Once empowered, Maps will go disconnected when there’s no Wi-Fi signal, with route restricted to your zones you’ve downloaded to your gadget.

When you associate with a Wi-Fi system, the application recovers full usefulness.

Wi-Fi proves to be useful when you’re voyaging abroad and don’t have any desire to cause extravagant information charges, or in circumstances where you can’t get a solid cell signal in your general vicinity.

Google is additionally revealing the capacity to download disconnected zones to an SD card, arranging for the interior stockpiling of your telephone.

To empower Wi-Fi only mode, you’ll have to head into the Settings in Google Maps.

google maps wifi

When you initiate the element, you’ll see a warning to spare territories disconnected, and that a little measure of information may, in any case, be utilized while as a part of Wi-Fi mode. The redesign is currently live, however in the event that you’re not seeing the disconnected mode just yet, attempt again in a couple of hours.

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