Google Maps, getting Wi-Fi mode and transit delay notifications

Google Maps is constantly under development. This implies new components are continually coming, however like numerous development ventures they don’t generally show up when anticipated.

A stunned rollout is in progress that conveys a choice to make Maps download information essentially over Wi-Fi. On the off chance that you have the component (I was not able to see it even with the most recent APK) you’ll locate a conspicuous Wi-Fi just flip in the settings menu.

There’s additionally a little popup box that will let you know a little measure of information will even now be utilized with this empowered, however far not exactly on the off chance that you were downloading everything over a cell association.

Some are additionally seeing a Metro Status setting that would give you a chance to get “constant interruption cautions” when there’s a postponement on your neighborhood mass travel. Since this is an issue with essentially each and every framework out there, it ought to be invited with open arms.

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In the event that you need to try these new components out, ensure you have from 9.32.1 of Google Maps from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

You may be persistent, as these elements aren’t appearing for everybody yet; it might be an organized rollout, or simply restricted testing.

The effect on you: Google Maps can be an information pig, so the Wi-Fi setting may spare you from running over your arrangement’s cutoff points. Then again the mass travel warnings can be a lifeline in a city, giving you a reason to get some espresso in transit home as opposed to getting baffled via trains that aren’t going to appear.

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