Google Home is your favorite announcement from Google I/O 2016

In last week’s poll, we asked what your favorite announcement at the Google I/O keynote was.

There were plenty of awesome announcements from a new messaging client called Allo to the new Android Wear 2.0. Google I/O always gives us plenty to get excited about and this year was no exception.

Google Home

Google Home took first place in our poll, snatching up 31.29 percent of the votes. In second place was Google Assistant with a solid 25.33 percent. Allo Messenger managed to sneak into third with 19.95 percent of the vote. In four place was Android Wear 2.0 with 13.42 percent of the overall vote.

Duo video grabbed up only 6.65 percent of the vote, enough to slide into fifth place. Android Studio 2.2 came in last, getting only 3.35 percent of the vote.

Was Google Home your favorite announcement?

Did your fave not make our poll list? Pop into the comments and let us know what you think!

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