Google for Education app teaches you to think like a scientist

Google announced the launch of Science Journal, an app designed for Android enthusiasts of science, in a blog post, called Google for Education.

Its purpose is “to bring to the surface the scientist in all of us” and will use sensors embedded in your phone to keep track of data in the universe around us.

The application is part of the Google initiative “Making and Science” aimed to inspire children worldwide towards scientific and creative activities. The app will retain data, it will incorporate the graphics will keep track of the various experiments and make predictions about upcoming tests.

Google has a site called Google for Education all that you explain more clearly what each sensor, each measurement means and how you can build things in addition to keeping all the different types of data.

Google has partnered with “learning lab for the public” Exploratorium in California to create various tools to complete application. These include micro-sensors and remote controls accessible that you can either buy them or can I MADE him alone.

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The App is available in Google Play store and is not intended exclusively for children, although part of the Google initiative to educate and learning the little ones.

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