Google announced Daydream its new platform for VR content on Android

Designed to standardize content distribution VR on Android devices, Daydream is a platform composed of several components that converge to provide a high-quality VR experience on all supported devices.

Based on Android N system, new platform Daydream is designed for a complete VR experience and include their own launcher compatible with VR goggles, Google Play store VR, VR notification system and other facilities.

It must be said that to operate the Daydream platform devices must meet a strict set of criteria for compatibility, described in a detailed guide available to OEMs.

So far, among the companies to provide interesting Daydream ready devices include HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Alcatel others first product launches will take place before the end of this year.

Along with the software platform, Google gives developers and device reference designs, including a VR headset and a controller.

Some content providers for Daydream VR includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, MLB, NBA and Imax.

More sophisticated than Google Cardboard glasses, but with more affordable prices than HTC Vive equipment and Oculus VR, Daydream devices could be an attractive solution to access the VR content.

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Google could launch Daydream platform this fall, with the Android N operating system.

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