Google Clips is nearing its launch: Google’s automated camera goes through the FCC

Google Clips is nearing its launch: Google's automated camera goes through the FCC
When Google introduced the new Pixel smartphones, it also showed a number of accessories. Among them the Google Clips, a small camera that is taking photos and videos automatically following an algorithm to select the moments that the device considered most relevant.

The idea was quite curious and its implementation is a long process. Since we saw it in October it has been almost three months and we still do not know when it will be for sale. Today we have learned that the relevant certification has already passed in the United States and this movement brings it closer, a little bit, to its future commercialization.

Any device that has the ability to connect to the Internet, whether by wire or wireless, that wants to be offered for sale in the United States has to pass a certification from the FCC agency, the same body that has boycotted the neutrality of the network by the way

Since this bureaucratic process is passed until it goes on sale, it does not usually take long, but here the final decision is made by the brand itself. In the US you can already book Clips at Best Buy at a price of $ 249 and you can sign up to the list of the North American Google Store.

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Those of Mountain View have us already accustomed to this type of experiments where it is more about attractive ideas than strategic commercial launches. In this case, Clips offers us a very good idea: to always have a camera on top, to take pictures and videos for us and then automatically upload them to our cloud in Google Photos.

However, it seems that its sale will be limited to certain markets, the same has happened with Pixel Buds, its OnHub router, the Google Home devices that they manufacture themselves … We’ll see if Google Clips breaks that trend and we see it too around here officially.

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