Google CEO weighs in on Apple’s fight with the FBI

Following Tim Cook’s letter slamming the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s demands to create a backdoor into the iPhone, Google CEO Sundar Pichai weighed in on the situation in a series of tweets.

“Important post by @tim_cook,” Pichai tweeted Wednesday. “Forcing companies to enable hacking could compromise users’ privacy.”

He acknowledged that law enforcement and intelligence agencies face “significant challenges in protecting the public against crime and terrorism,” and said that while Google builds secure products to keep user information safe, it hands over data “based on valid legal orders.”

“But that’s wholly different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices & data. Could be a troubling precedent,” he went on.

He concluded: “Looking forward to a thoughtful and open discussion on this important issue.”

Pichai’s tweets come after a day of debate as to whether Apple is doing the right thing by refusing to comply with a court order that it create a special version of iOS to bypass security measure in an iPhone that belonged to one of San Bernardino shooters.

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Cook wrote in an open letter that doing so would create a backdoor that could be used over and over, on any number of devices, putting users private data at risk. He called the implications of the government’s demands “chilling.”

Pichai’s response is measured, but that he see the danger in “requiring companies to enable hacking” of customer devices and data as potentially setting “a troubling precedent” speaks to

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