Google can turn its set-tops into Chromecasts

Google announced that of its Fiber TV Box will soon gain Google Cast functionality – allowing subscribers to Google’s elusive Fiber service to stream video, apps, photos, and more directly to their TV from their phone without buying any new devices.

Google Cast is the same tech that powers Google’s colorful and handy hockey puck, Chromecast, as well as makes an appearance in select smart TVs, speakers, and streaming consoles, like the Nvidia Shield.

Unlike Chromecast, however, Fiber Box TVs don’t have the exact same list of supported apps from the get-go, with common names like Spotify, HBO Now, and Hulu absent for the time being, The Verge reports.

Top that set-top

Google will roll out Google Cast support for Fiber TV subscribers over the coming months, but Google’s ‘make-any-TV-a-smart-TV’ technology, coupled with recent events, could result in an interesting trend for Fiber’s biggest competitors – other cable providers.

The Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to “Unlock the Box” – freeing up cable boxes from being exclusively tied-down to telecom companies – opened up considerable competition among providers, as well as any set-top boxes used by those services.

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Adding a feature like Google Cast may not have concerned companies like Comcast or Verizon in the past, but now that subscribers can ditch their current boxes for greener pastures, we hope it stirs up some inspiration to put out more versatile devices to hook up to our television sets.

Also, more cable companies looking to Google Cast – which uses a mobile device as its main controller – means one less remote to worry about, which is another win-win in our book.


Via  TechRadar

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