Google built a genius AI game master

Researchers at Google have developed the first computer capable of beating a champion player at Go.

Named AlphaGo, Google’s game-playing artificial intelligence just narrowly beat Facebook’s efforts to create a computer capable of breaking down the ancient strategy game. Not only did AlphaGo win the race, but its feat also stands alone as a massive milestone for AI development.

According to DeepMind, Google’s research team behind AlphaGo, a single game of go presents more possible board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, leading experts to believe that it would take at least another decade before a computer could fully grasp its complex strategies.

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Facebook revealed yesterday that they had plans of its own for a Go-playing AI. dubbed ‘darkforest.’ Mark Zuckerberg himself boasted that the machine, developed by Facebook AI researcher Yuandong Tian, could calculate a move within a tenth of a second.

Now that Go, considered by many to be the last bastion for games only humans could master, has its first artificial expert, where does artificial intelligence go from here? Stratego? Mouse Trap?

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