Attendees’ war intensifies: Google Assistant can reach iOS in a matter of days

We talked last week about the insistence of technology companies to put loudspeakers with attendees in our homes, and one reason is clear: there is a race to get the best voice-controlled interface.

Google Assistant

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant fight for the top spot.

And the best thing you can do to compete against another wizard is to stick to your platform, something Cortana has already done on iOS and it looks like Google Assistant will do this week.

The company will hold its annual developer event from Wednesday, and apparently one of the new features would be an Assistant application for the iPhone.

Invading competition to make it irrelevant

In 9to5Mac, they are betting on an independent application that Google already has in iOS for their search engine and Google Now, due to the fact that Assistant is currently only available in the United States.

It would not be a bad idea to highlight it more, although it is also true that they could put it as an addition to the Google application with a simple geographical barrier so that it is not used where it can not.

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Google Assistant

At the moment we could use it integrated into Allo, but it did not leave there.

But either way, Assistant would be coming to iOS to stay. Siri is powerful, but Google has the advantage of being developed for many devices around the world.

The competition will intensify even more, although Apple already has its aces up its sleeve.

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