Google Alphabet has impressive financial results

A few years ago, the Alphabet company was founded meant to include all projects under the same umbrella from Google. The initiative has proved to be an inspired and profitability is remarkable.

Most popular tech companies have either started to lose money either tend to generate a significant profit lower than the same period last year.

There is one exception, and that comes as American giant Alphabet.

Following the publication of financial results in the third fiscal quarter of 2016 is still evident that many decisions are taken in the court inspired Google.

Both receipts and profitability Alphabet exploded, growing nearly unprecedented 20% compared to 2015, to 22.5 billion dollars in a single quarter. Net profit rose to $ 5.1 billion, 27% more than the same period a year ago.

Although there are many projects, big or small, operating under the Alphabet, Google is still the most important player in the ecosystem in terms of corporate profitability. Other initiatives have generated revenue of 197 million dollars, while losses were 865 million dollars.

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Most of the money, Google generates from the commercials, but they no longer appear on desktops but in video and mobile.

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