Getting 2GB more Google Drive storage today is easy – here’s how

Need extra Google Drive space? All you need to do is check your security settings for your Google account.

Google is already celebrating tomorrow’s Safer Internet Day by rewarding users who check their security settings with 2GB of extra Google Drive storage.

Luckily, Google has made the security settings checkup very easy and quick. You’ll need to head over here, login and and confirm or update your current settings, including 2-step verification, permissions and connected devices.

Google account security check

Once you’re done, Google will add 2GB of storage to your Drive account, making it a helpful and easy way to get more cloud storage.

This is the second year Google has offered 2GB of extra Drive data in exchange of doing the security settings checkup.

While Google offered the check up in exchange for storage for about a week last year, the company hasn’t revealed yet how long it will run this year. So if you’ve got a few minutes, we recommend completing the checkup soon, and then hoping Google runs it again next year to keep boosting your cloud storage space.

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