Gallery: Android 7: what will Google name its Android N OS?


Android 6 Marshmallow isn’t even on five percent of our devices yet, but we’re already thinking about the next lot of software from Google. Android 7 is expected before the end of the year and we’re hoping for an announcement at Google I/O in May.

As you probably know, Google has named its Android iterations after sweet treats. So far we’ve seen Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. That got us here at techradar thinking – what will Android 7 be called?

It’s time for Android N so it’s going to have to be a treat beginning with that letter, obviously. But what if Google decided to take a different tact and drop the sweet idea?

Maybe something savoury, or even a drink this time around? So we talked amongst ourselves to see if we could help Google decide and let it get on with naming the other companies in the alphabet.

Android Nutella

Android 7

James Peckham, Phones and Tablets Writer

Google managed to snag the KitKat name from Nestle for Android 4.4, so there’s no reason it won’t be able to get permission to use the Italian chocolate spread’s name this time.

Some may see Nutella as a little ‘out there’ compared to all the traditional sweet stuffs we’ve seen Android go for so far – but let’s hope Google go for something different. And after Lollipop and Marshmallow it’s time to see another official brand name for Android 7.

Android Nougat

Android 7

Desire Athow, techradar Pro Editor

Nougat is not a brand name and is as malleable as you want it to be, which is perfect for Google. It sounds posh as well, which is always a good thing when you face the poshest of smartphone brands around, Apple.

Android Nandos

Android 7

Patrick Goss, Global Editor-in-Chief

A cheeky change of direction? I reckon Google’s definitely considered this but it’ll probably chicken out – despite it being such a saucy idea. Plus, when it steps into the savoury world it makes the whole Android O problem much easier to solve.

Android Nesquik

Android 7

Gareth Beavis, Phones and Tablets Editor

OK, this is more of a milkshake than anything else, but it’s such a brilliant drink that I’d probably buy the new Nexus just so I could relive my childhood whenever I check the software version. Which we all do, on a daily basis, right? RIGHT?

Android Noisette

Android 7

Salwa Azar, Social Engagement Editor

A bit classy, this is nutty without being a brand name and follows a rather sweet-toothed trend. This make sense if it contains some bonkers features.

Android Nacho

Android 7

Marc Chacksfield, Content Team Lead

This needs to happen, just so that everytime I turn on my Android phone I get to sing ‘Nacho, nacho man, I want to be a nacho man’ while doing my best impression of Homer Simpson.

Android Nugget

Android 7

John McCann, Phones and Tablets Deputy Editor

A deep fried helping of grease covered Android? Yes please, I’ll take a 20 box. The lubrication from the deep fryer oils will surely make this the slickest Android upgrade to date, and it’s bound to be full of tasty new surprises. We might even get an exotic selection of dipping sources.

It’ll clog up the lower powered, less athletic phones on the market – but for those who are fighting fit at the top of their game, Nugget promises to be a delicious treat.

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Android Now & Later

Android 7

Cameron Faulkner, Assistant Editor

Let’s face it, Google’s going to go with Nutella. It’s chocolate spread, for crying out loud. But since it’s unoriginal to nominate the same dessert twice, I’m going with literally the only other sweet that I can think of that starts with “N”.

Now & Later isn’t too different in texture from something like Laffy Taffy or Salt Water Taffy, but is lip-puckingly sweet. In the context of how the candy could be evocative of new Android N features, Google Now is obviously at top-of-mind. The “Later” bit of the dessert’s name could riff off of possible improvements to the Doze feature introduced in Marshmallow, and how your Android phone will last much longer.

Android Nerds

Android 7

Kevin Lee, Associate Editor, Laptops

Google has already bought into one brand name of candy with KitKat and it could do the same with Android N. Nerds isn’t just a joke on hardcore Android users, it’s also a classic Willy Wonka candy company classic.

It also helps that Nerds usually come in a pack with two flavors, reflecting the search company’s recent mission to build up Android N as a new better tablet OS in addition to the next software platform for smartphones. And since these rocky little candies already take on the anthropomorphic shape of little creatures, Google could easily replace these armless, big nose critters with its classic Android mascot.

Android Nature Valley

Android 7

Hugh Langley, Associate Editor

No wonder there’s a diabetes epidemic when even our smartphones are a constant reminder of all the delicious treats out there. Now we’re halfway through the alphabet, it’s time for Google to go on a health kick with some lovely, lovely granola thanks to the good people of Nature Valley.

Apple Crisp, Peanut, Fruit and Nut Trail Mix – who said granola had to be boring? I’m going to stop now because I’m basically writing free advert for Nature Valley.

Android Nespresso

Android 7

Kane Fulton, Computing Editor

Google’s collaboration with Nestlé on Android 4.4 KitKat showed that the search giant isn’t afraid of collaborating with global nutrition companies, so it’s likely that Android Nespresso is on the cards.

Rumour has it that the forthcoming version of Android ships with George Clooney’s smug face set as an immovable wallpaper, while the sole ringtone hears him bellow “What else? Idiot” until you’re so enraged that you smash your smartphone into the nearest wall.

Android ‘Nana


Matt Hanson, How To Editor

Google only started naming releases of Android after sweet treats with its third major release – Android 1.5 Cupcake.

That means they missed a chance to name a release after everyone’s favourite long, curved and yellow fruit: the humble banana. Now is the perfect time to rectify that and sate banana enthusiasts everywhere with Android N. OK, maybe not – this whole thing could have been influenced by the fact that I’m eating a banana while I wrote it.

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