The Galaxy S9 would have a Dual SIM variant for Europe

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is less than a month away from being revealed and rumors about its possible features are in full swing.

Last Friday we saw the first render and key features of the hand of Evan Blass and now get more details about the versions that will go on sale, specifically a Dual SIM variant.

Traditionally, Dual SIM variants are usually launched in a few markets and usually do not reach Europe. However, according to a listing on the website of Samsung itself, this year there would be a Galaxy S9 with a dual SIM slot destined for Europe.

The elusive Dual SIM could land on the old continent

Although it is an option that most users will not need, there are cases in which the possibility of carrying two SIMs in the same mobile phone becomes necessary.

However, as we said, this is a somewhat elusive feature that is usually reserved for Asian markets but little by little it is making its way into more countries.

Just last year Samsung launched a Galaxy S8 Plus with dual SIM in Europe, although it remained in a few markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

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It also highlights that only launched a Dual SIM variant with the widest diagonal model , the normal S8 did not have this option.

What will happen this year? At the moment it can not be confirmed, but on the Samsung website there are already references to a terminal that responds to the code SM-G960F / DS.

All indications are that the SM-G960F is the Galaxy S9, the letter F indicates that it is the variant for Europe and the DS tag means that it carries Dual SIM.

Unlike last year, this time it seems that the lucky one to have a brother with Dual SIM will be the normal Galaxy S9 and not the variant plus, of course it could be that there is a second model that we do not have news for now.

Now we have to wait for the launch to be for all of Europe. Do you prefer to have Dual SIM or with one you manage?

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