Galaxy S7 leak reveals new design direction for Samsung’s S range

All eyes will be on Barcelona a week on Sunday is expected to reveal a new flagship handset: The Samsung Galaxy S7.

Well, we say “expected”, but it is essentially a foregone conclusion thanks to tonnes of leaks – the latest of which gives us our clearest look yet at the new phone, which has a slight difference in design over the 2015’s Galaxy S6.

The above render was obtained by serial leaker @evleaks and shows what appears to be the curved-screen “S7 Edge” – which we expect to launch alongside its more conventional sibling. The grainier pictures below were obtained by French site Nowhere Else, and show either the S7, or a dummy model in gold.

S7 in Gold

Reliable Rumours

The above images appear to be in line with earlier rumours that suggested that the S7 Edge will sport a 5.7 inch screen, and the S7 a 5.1 inch (same as the S6). It’s also possible to see on the images that the camera bump is less mercifully smaller.

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The key difference here is that we’re seeing what is likely a real unit, ‘confirming’ the curved back of the Note 5 will be used on the Galaxy S7 and likely S7 Edge too. This gives is a more rounded feel in the palm, which was a popular feature for reviewers.

As previously reported, the new phones are expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors, and have a 16MP camera on the rear. There are also rumours that the new phone will have a much larger battery than its predecessor, and that they will be water resistant.

(Via PocketNow, image credits: / evleaks)

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