Galaxy S7 could finally get an awesome version of TouchWiz

Samsung phones could become more refined and faster if the mooted tie-up with Google to make its software sleeker goes ahead.

Touchwiz, Samsung’s overlay for a number of years (including before Android emerged), has been criticised for being too resource-heavy and cartoonish, despite recent attempts by the South Korean firm to improve it in recent years.

So to try and improve things it’s reported that Google is now working directly with Samsung to achieve a “non-delayed operating experience” with “greater fluency than iOS”.

There’s sadly no word on when this could appear, so it’s uncertain whether any partnership might bear fruit by February when we’re expecting the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Similar rumours about a tighter partnership in November suggested that RAM management is a particular bugbear – with TouchWiz still causing problems even on Samsung’s most high-spec devices.


One of the reasons that iPhones tend to have (on paper) less impressive specs yet run just as speedily is because Apple’s hardware and software teams can work closely together to make sure the two work together as efficiently as possible.

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For Android devices, this is obviously more tricky given the wider range of hardware, and the fact that hardware and software are made by different manufacturers. So getting a little closer makes a lot of sense for both Google and Samsung.

It also helps that Google’s engineers will know the Android operating system inside out, so will know where optimisations for TouchWiz can be made.

Some people would rather see Samsung junk TouchWiz and stick with Google’s own reliable user interface, but that would take away another layer of identity in a world where these brands are trying to stand out from Android homogeneity.

From ITHome via SamMobile

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