Galaxy S10: stop updating after reporting some problems

Galaxy S10: stop updating after reporting some problems

It seems that the problems with the Galaxy S10 update are so consistent as to force Samsung to interrupt its release. The update is therefore no longer available, and it will be necessary to wait for a new version to access the expected news ( without a bug, we hope ).

The update to the latest May security patches only distributed in Italy on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + only does not seem to be without problems : according to some reports on the web, in fact, once updated, both devices would suffer from some sudden blocks and freeze of third-party apps (Twitter and Nova Launcher in the first place) that would force users to perform a forced reboot of smartphones.

In the Galaxy S10 present in the editorial office, in particular, we have not found any sudden block even after several hours of use under stress. What we have noticed, instead, is a decided worsening in the use of the official Twitter client with consequent:

  • lag;
  • sporadic touchpads
  • difficult opening: the Twitter icon does not respond to the touch of a finger
  • long uploads
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Among the other problems, not present on our devices, it is finally reported the impossibility to block the screen after pressing the on/off button (the display darkens correctly but is not blocked), a malfunction of the ” Shutdown ” options and ” Restart ” and a worsening of fingerprint recognition.

Have you also encountered these issues? Please let us know in the comment box.

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