Firmware update: Samsung To Remove Galaxy Note 7 charging function

Users of the Galaxy Note 7 are gradually becoming harder and harder to use their devices.

Galaxy Note 7

With a new firmware update, the charging function of the one-time flagship is to be completely extinguished.

On the subject of Galaxy Note 7, there is news because the smartphone taken from the market because of fire danger will not be recharged soon.

The flagship gets the manufacturer namely a firmware update missed, which makes the recharge function no longer possible. That this update will come, Samsung confirms on March 24 itself.

As early as December, user reports were reported on a display message on note 7, according to which the software is modified in such a way as to prevent the battery from being charged.

In the winter, however, only devices were affected that came from some US mobile radio stations.

Now the message refers to Samsung’s home country of South Korea, where not all sold Note 7 devices were returned, but only 97 percent of them.

The rollout of the update is scheduled for the end of March and will spread from South Korea to the rest of the world.

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After the update, the smartphone is largely unusable, at least when the battery is running low.

The Galaxy Note 7 can then only be used with a plug connected. This is, of course, still a way to use the device, but Samsung in any case.

After all, we are dealing with branded batteries.

This fact alone should listen to every healthy human understanding and have the mobile phone returned.

Apparently, this has not yet arrived at many, because already six months ago the danger was announced.

The firmware update is also not Samsung’s first measure to make the Galaxy Note 7 unusable and to allow customers to return.

In some earlier updates, the battery capacity was reduced from 60 to 30%. In New Zealand, however, they were harder, because there the device was suddenly no longer mobile after an update.

Note-7 users in Canada, it is also not better, because here Samsung will soon be the WLAN, Bluetooth, and mobile radio function.

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