The Galaxy Note 10 will have no physical buttons, nor will a 3.5 mm jack

In any case, the important thing is that yes, a Galaxy Note 10 without physical buttons would be totally viable.

Continues the drip of information about the Galaxy Note 10, a terminal with which Samsung will expand its range of top-of-the-range smartphones, and whose launch is expected by the middle of next August.

A week ago we saw the first renders of the Galaxy Note 10. In them, we had the opportunity to review both the design line that could have this terminal, very similar to the Galaxy Note 9 in general and the screen format. The reduction of the edges is evident, and the front camera happens to be located in a small circular space.

We are not surprised, after all, it is the same as we have seen in the Galaxy S10 series. However, in the back we saw that the camera had changed its position, being placed in an upright position instead of in a horizontal position. This has an explanation, and that is that it would, in theory, increase the capacity of the battery without making great sacrifices in terms of design.

According to the latest information Samsung will opt for a design without physical buttons, a very big change that has already dared to put into practice other industry greats such as HTC, but without much success. It is important to keep in mind that the source of the news claims to have obtained this information through someone «close to Samsung», but it is not officially confirmed, so we must take it with caution.

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In any case, the important thing is that yes, a Galaxy Note 10 without physical buttons would be totally viable. The South Korean giant could enable concrete spaces in the terminal that are sensitive to pressure so that by interacting with them they would act as if it were a standard button.

With the construction of this type would eliminate the vulnerable points that occur in the chassis of any smartphone by reserving a given space to a button, and would also get a much cleaner and stylized design, but it would be such a big change that could not like everyone.

Finally, the same source ensures that Samsung will suppress the 3.5 mm jack in the Galaxy Note 10 and that there will be two versions differentiated by size and specifications that will also have different prices. The aim of the South Korean company would be to reach a greater number of users.

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