The Galaxy A8 2018 would bring us new features of the Galaxy S9

Galaxy A8 2018
Yesterday we knew officially the new Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8 Plus 2018. Two models that introduce the Infinity Display in the manufacturer’s premium midrange, but also a novelty that nobody expected.

We refer to the double front camera with Live Focus function, or what is the same, self-portrait with Bokeh effect. A novelty that is already speculated will be one of the characteristics of the future Samsung Galaxy 9.

The multiple leaks that have occurred around Samsung allow us to draw with some precision the design of Samsung Galaxy 9. Similarly, some of its features are practically a fact, such as the type of processor.

However, until the day of its presentation, we will not have confirmation of all, although the leaks continue to expand the technical information on the device. The last part of the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus of 2018.

The new Galaxy A8 as a testbed

According to the latest information that follows, the latest of the company’s presentations may be a new source of information in order to extract some of the upcoming features of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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As we can read in Business Insider, the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 can be placed on a great track to uncovering some other features of the Galaxy S9. That is none other than the double front camera of which the new Galaxy A8 has shown yesterday.

According to the media that spread the rumor, this novelty is nothing more than an attempt by the brand to polish a novel feature that it intends to introduce with greater guarantees in the coming months in the imminent new standard-bearer of Samsung.

Double front camera as a feature of the Galaxy S9

Yes, that would be the reading made by the sources of the information, which point out that the Galaxy A8 2018 will serve as a test for the Samsung Galaxy S9 to incorporate the same dual front camera system with its respective Live Focus function, improved.

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