In the future the Magic Keyboard could have Touch Bar and Touch ID, according to a new patent of Apple

At the end of 2016, the apple company introduced to the world the new generation of MacBook Pro, the first Apple laptop that has Touch Bar and Touch ID.

MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard
Everything indicates that this would be only the first appearance of a Touch Bar in the future portable of the signature of Cupertino.

Or at least that makes us think a recent group of patents, which describe the arrival of these two features to the Magic Keyboard.

According to the AppleInsider website, the three patents registered on behalf of Apple, refer to the Touch Bar in the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro, and in the illustrations of the patents, it is possible to see a wireless keyboard with this same bar.

Here’s how the patent describes the wireless keyboard:

In some embodiments, the device may also include a processing unit located within the housing and a primary display positioned at least partially within the housing and configured to display a graphical user interface executed by the processing unit. In some embodiments, the screen is an organic display of light emitting diodes. The electronic device can be a keyboard device

says the text.

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It is important to remember that patents are not a 100% sure indication of the plans of the companies because sometimes these can be forgotten and not become a reality.

However, these images show us that Apple has contemplated the possibility of developing a new Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar.

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