Fusion of the iOS App Store and macOS, one of the new features of iOS 12?

iOS App Store
While Apple’s software development work – at least those we can verify – is focused on polishing iOS 11 with continuous updates, Bloomberg has just brought to light one of the possible novelties of iOS 12 in which Apple has been working for years. A change that would affect fully the applications available for download and installation from the App Store.

As Microsoft promoted with Windows 10 and Windows Phone – Windows 10 Mobile – Apple could surprise us next June 2018 with a similar idea. An idea that would correspond with one of the great novelties of iOS 12 and that is none other than the fusion of the store of applications for iPhones and iPad with that of the Macs.

One of the possible great novelties of iOS 12

As reported by Bloomberg in its digital portal, Apple would be able to merge the iOS applications with Mac as one of the great novelties of iOS 12. An important change that would apply a considerable effect on the software platform of the bitten apple.

In fact, this change would have a double effect. First of all, Apple would be able to stimulate the creation of applications for Mac since the developers of iOS apps would have the possibility of optimizing them for macOS. That is, the applications available in the App Store would work in the same way on the touch screen of iPhones and iPads as in the Macbook and iMac.

A master movement if we take into account the situation in which the macOS application store is located, where the catalog is reduced and program updates reign by their absence.

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Therefore, the most benefited would be Mac users, who would see solved at a stroke the main disadvantages that they have to face in terms of software availability.

The ambiguities of Apple

While the source on which Bloomberg is based ensures that Apple has been working on this project for years and points as a novelty of iOS 12 that will be released at WWDC 2018, in June, there is also the possibility that the Cupertino cancel or postpone this idea.

This is matched by the digital medium and, in turn, rewinds in the past to rescue some of the statements made by Tim Cook and Craig Federighi – Apple’s software chief – in this regard. Through them, managers threw balls out and hinted that it was a small possibility, a commitment to the company that would not offer the desired user experience among its customers.

So, will Apple finally decide to include support for iOS apps for macOS as one of the great innovations of iOS 12? Undoubtedly, it would be a powerful movement, nothing crazy considering the vision of Microsoft, the so-called software giant, to embark on the same project with Windows 10 hours ago.

In this case, the result has been totally disastrous, but not because of the idea itself, but because of the residual quota of users with Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, a platform evoked to disappear as such. Similarly, Google has made similar movements with Android applications to be compatible with Chromebooks, although the market share of computers with the software of the big G make their efforts to this effect are inconspicuous for the sector.

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