Fixing the back of the iPhone 8 comes out more expensive than the screen

iphone 8

With the iPhone 8, Apple has returned to the glass as building material for the back of their mobile devices.

Leaving aside aluminum, the biggest concern of the glass is its fragility, and although Apple claims that it is more resistant than ever this new glass used, you should not play it or repair is going to come face.

As AppleInsider has confirmed, AppleCare + has risen in price this year in the United States, from $99 to $129. However, here the interesting thing is the fact that only repairing the glass (not the panel) of the screen comes out for $29.

The logical thing is that if the back is crystal too, cost the same, no? Not so, repair the rear is 99 dollars.

Why does not Apple simply repair the glass? As you may have guessed, it has to do with wireless charging. Apple has placed the wireless sensor attached with a special glue to the back of the phone.

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iFixit has remarked it on your phone: it is very difficult to separate the sensor from the back.

Something that characterizes Apple is not to get complicated with repairs, the first option is usually to replace the damaged part. And if this can not be separated from the rest, replace the entire module.

So, if you break the glass of the iPhone 8, Apple will directly replace the whole module, with the wireless charge sensor included. Carrying a case no longer sounds such a bad idea, does it?

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