The first benchmarks of the iMac Pro prove it: this team shreds all the tests

iMac Pro

The iMac Pro takes a few days already on sale, and the first orders have reached their buyers. The most powerful Mac of all currently has the advantage of being an all-in-one and stand out for its design, however, we do not have to despise its interior.

These days have been the first results of the performance tests, and as expected, bring out the beast that these computers have inside.

As we can see on the Benchmark website, some of the published results show very high scores. In single-core, the performance was 4,982 points for the 3.2 GHz models (8 cores), 5,270 points for the 3.0 GHz models (10 cores) and 5,282 points for the 2.5 GHz models (14 cores).

Especially high figures if we consider that the Intel Xeon usually work better in multi-core than in single-core. To put it in context, the Mac Pro 2013 with the best features reached 3,798 points only.

But the incredible results are in multi-core, this is where the iMac Pro squeezes its hardware to the maximum to get scores that double the Mac Pro.

The performance was 30,240 points for the 3.2 GHz models (8 cores), 35,412 points for the 3.0 GHz models (10 cores) and 41,120 points for the 2.5 GHz models (14 cores). Once again, the best Mac Pro only reached 24,562 points.

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The difference with a 27-inch iMac launched in June 2017 is also considerable. The most powerful model of all reaches a score of 5,610 in single-core, but in multi-core … it remains at 18,945 points. Of course, the price of this iMac can easily exceed 5,499 euros of the basic iMac Pro.

In other words, if you need a powerful and professional computer, it is better to bet directly on an iMac Pro than on a Mac Pro, both for price and performance in multi-core.

The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac of all current and will continue to be for … a few months, it is expected that Apple launch in 2018 a new Mac Pro.

As promised, this Mac Pro will be modular and focused on the most professional sector of all. Will it break the iMac Pro scores? It does not have to, perhaps with the maximum benefits, but the base model may be less powerful and even cheaper than the iMac Pro.

Remember that it will not come with a screen or peripherals.

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