Firefox SnoozeTabs: Make your tabs reappear later

As part of its test program dedicated to Firefox, Mozilla has introduced a very useful function for those who often postpone reading pages. This allows you to set aside and program the reappearance of tabs.


The function in question is called SnoozeTabs.

It is available as part of the Firefox Test Pilot program. It essentially makes it possible to remove an unwanted tab at a time T while scheduling its automatic reappearance at a later date.

To do this, simply click on the dedicated icon above the targeted tab and select a deadline to return to the screen. This deadline can be set a few hours after, the next day, but also a week or a month later.

The device is, in this respect, perfectly flexible. One can, for example, set aside reading for the weekend, or even for holidays.


Clearly, SnoozeTabs is aimed primarily at Firefox users who can not afford to leave tabs open until they have time to read them, as well as those who are already drowned in their favorites.

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An appreciable detail with regard to this target: the tabs do not reappear in the middle of the others. They wake, when they wake up, a small icon indicating that it is a scheduled return.

Note that another feature, called Pulse, has also just joined the test program. It simply makes it possible to note the experience proposed by the browser on each site, with the aim of guiding the future efforts of the development teams of Firefox.

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