Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Gameplay Tech Analysis

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry performed a PS4 Pro tech analysis on the Japanese Final Fantasy XV demo.

A Japan-only Final Fantasy XV demo was announced by game director Tabata some days ago. The new demo, “Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc”, runs from the opening until the middle of chapter one.

The PS4 professional models run at 30FPS, however judging from DF’s analysis, the demo suffers from obvious frame pacing issues – mainly obvious in the game’s HQ mode.

The HQ mode on PS4 pro makes use of checkerboard rendering to upscale to 4K from 1800p, but the visuals look as a substitute blurry and gentle.

Consistent with Digital Foundry, this may be caused by way of a low excellent movement blur and TAA resolution.

Fortunately, the game’s HDR aid is one the exceptional examples carried out in any title that supports HDR so far.

Let’s hope that these disorders might be resolved with a future update. Ultimate fable XV is slated for a free up on PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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