The fifth beta of iOS 11.2.5 for developers and those registered in the public beta program arrives

iOS 11.2.5
Just two days after launching the fourth beta for developers, Apple has just released the fifth beta of iOS 11.2.5 for devices registered in a developer account or in the public betas program.

This fifth beta also comes only a few days after Apple published for all iOS devices 11.2.2, an update made to mitigate the damage that the Specter vulnerability can cause.

The news of iOS 11.2.5 seems to be limited to improvements in Siri and the ability to tell news if we ask about them. The feature itself is reproducing some podcasts (in English) from media such as The Washington Post, Fox News or CNN.

Surely it is a feature designed much more for the HomePod, the intelligent speaker of Apple that will be released to the market in the coming weeks.

This clue can give us indications that the HomePod will finally arrive with iOS 11.2.5 as a pre-installed version. Recall that the Apple speaker has a modified version of iOS inside.

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What remains to be seen is the integration of AirPlay 2 and already for the iPhone and iPad itself, the synchronization of Messages by iCloud.

If you have a developer account, a device registered as a developer or you are registered in the public betas program, this new version will appear as available to install in Settings through OTA. If not, you will have to wait a few more weeks for the final version to launch for all users.

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