Facebook turns to the Dark (and Light) side with lightsaber profile pics

Just in case you’re living under a rock, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is releasing this week, and to celebrate, Facebook will let you add a lightsaber to your profile picture.

You’ll be able channel new hero Finn or new baddie Kylo Ren (or just the Light side and Dark side) to get yourself a red or blue lightsaber on the photo of your choosing.

The light saber gets superimposed right onto your picture, to make it look like one of these character posters, – though choosing the right photo might take a while.

Once you’ve made it your profile picture, you can then choose an expiration date for it if you want to make it a temporary profile picture, a feature that Facebook rolled out earlier this year.

It’s not quite clear if Facebook will let you add lightsabers to your profile pics after Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits cinemas at the end of this week, so we suggest getting in on the fun soon!

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