Now Facebook works offline

Facebook is constantly improving mobile app to bring users more functionality and how to help those who have slower internet connections.

Precisely in this regard, the company launched News Feed you are enhanced for quick use, even when your phone is offline.

The application will allow users to comment on posts even if the device is not connected to the Internet. It will save the comment and will post automatically as soon as the device will be reconnected to the Internet.

Instead of loading new content only when the connection is slow, News Feed will display posts loaded in the previous session. Facebook says it will display only the posts that have been uploaded, but not displayed in the screen, instead of displaying GIF for “loading”.

Facebook says it is testing other ways to update your News Feed by posting new posts throughout the day when you’re offline. While users are very much on Facebook will receive the update with open arms, this will affect bandwidth and battery down faster.
The company updated Facebook for Android application in October with a slow connection functionality that detects and loads postings unread from the device memory. He also launched a creative format of “slide” to display video advertisements where 2G connectivity almost there.

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This update will be delivered gradually users. There is no timetable and no estimate when everyone will benefit from this new functionality. Moreover, we do not know whether it is exclusive for Android devices.

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