Facebook is making major changes to its real name policy

Facebook announced today that it will be enacting two new policies in regards to the names users go by. The changes aim to provide context when verifying assumed names, in order to balance accountability with safety across the site.

The first policy change detailed in Facebook’s announcement is an improved reporting process for fake names. Should a user encounter such a name, they can provide context when reporting it by adding details, such as if the person is acting anonymously or impersonating someone with fake names or profile images.

The second policy, bringing a sort of balance, lets users provide context for their own names if asked to verify them. Should the person in question have changed their name due to special circumstances, such as belonging in communities that Facebook describes as “marginalized or [facing] discrimination,” they can add details in order to verify the name they go by among family and friends.

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Facebook’s new naming policy is currently being tested “on a limited basis” in the US, but plans to expand globally if feedback is positive.

Top Image Credit: Facebook

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