Facebook forces you again to install Messenger and is not optional

If you’re used to chatting with friends via the Facebook mobile site, soon you will not have this option and you’ll be forced to install Messenger.

When the people at Facebook are asking something in mind and want to force you to accept the changes, it seems only a Ches time until you are forced by circumstances to accept the changes.

This phenomenon happened a few years ago when the Facebook app on smartphone users have had to install dedicated Messenger app, and now it’s happening again, with those who do not even have the Facebook app installed.

Appeared online is increasing evidence showing that it is only a matter of time before people using the web version of Messenger on your phone will be forced to install the application namesake for the same activity.

The first reports on this subject were published by the folks at Android Authority which were hit by a message as the one illustrated in the screenshots above when trying to initiate a dialogue with a friend. “Messenger conversations on your moves”.Or, Soon you’ll see only Messenger conversations”

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Although there is a small and discreet X button in the upper right corner of the notification is ten times more obvious Install button in moments that shows you a page from Google Play through which you can install the Messenger. Even if you press the little X’s invitation to install Messenger is conspicuous as possible.

The sad part is that these are only first steps in the set of measures of Facebook to get you to upgrade to Messenger. Fortunately, users of Google Chrome or Safari on iOS still does not face the same obstacles but do not think that will last very long.

After all, Facebook Messenger is an application that worked for the very American company, but should still be your option to install.

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