Facebook develops new tool against Fake News

Facebook itself has now developed a new tool, which recognizes and marks bad messages on the social media page. The tool is currently being tested in several countries.

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Fake news are a problem! This fact is not only known since yesterday, pretty much everyone should have noticed that Facebook has been struggling with it for some time.

We have already reported in this context that a student team, a research network, and even Focus-Online want to find a solution to the problem and reveal Fake News.

Since the first time people have been excited about Facebook Fake News, the term has somehow evolved. In the beginning, it was considered as a possibility to identify disguised false news.

In the course of time, it became a concept which basically means nothing, now that President Trump is targeted against news, which he just simply does not like, or even sports fanatics who do not like the outcome of the last game. The two words “Fake News” have somehow been a bit lost.

And right now, Facebook turns on and takes the matter into his own hand. Was also slow times time! On Twitter, a photo of the new identification tool from Facebook will be shown on Friday. Thus the algorithm recognizes links from websites, which are known for such false messages. The tool also works with third-party sites, such as Snopes.com or Politifact.com – websites that are not cheered by Trump fans.

For the solution of the Fake News problem, Facebook thanks to the users themselves, since in December 2016 surveys were started, in which users should identify false messages.

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From these results, the new Fake News tool was developed.

Facebook now starts testing in different countries, some users already have a new category of the Fake News in the settings. There, users can see how and why specific messages have been identified as false or controversial.

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