Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

Mobile payments are the order of the day and the market is so broad that it is no longer just about banks and their own applications. Now also operating systems , with specific applications linked to their brand, and also manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, and company play their part.

And of course, also the most widespread applications taking advantage of that are in almost every pocket that circulates around the planet.

This is the case for messaging apps, with Messaging on Apple or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on the cross-platform market. And it is precisely the latter that has now taken a step further and incorporate Paypal to their options.

Because with Facebook Messenger could send money but only in the United States, and Paypal joins Messenger to offer a future internationality to these payments. Although, for now, also start locally.

If you use Messenger and Paypal, welcome

The announcement was from Paypal itself. It is not about paying with Messenger in an establishment, something that surely not late in arriving, but of sending money to other users through Messenger thanks, Venmo. A system that is already used with the own Venmo independently and that install Apple Pay Cash, Bizum and company.

Paypal said that the agreement between the two companies was reached last year, allowing to connect to more than 2.5 million users of the payment platform in the United States through Messenger, one of the most popular messaging apps, not only in the United States but throughout the world, just behind the gigantic WhatsApp. Which, incidentally, is also owned by Facebook.

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This announcement activates payments between users of Messenger through Paypal, P2P payments without having to leave the messaging application and not only allows us to proactively send money to other contacts but also that we can claim a pending payment or a loan to an acquaintance

The path of Messenger and Paypal begins in the United States but could be international soon

At the moment, payments through Messenger and Paypal are initially activated in the United States, where Facebook already allowed to add credit cards issued by US banks to exchange money among its users. The addition of Paypal presupposes, however, that the functionality will become fully international, although for now there is no news about this point.

Meanwhile, if you live in the United States and are a user of Messenger and Paypal you can add your account to the options of the messaging application to send money to other contacts within the North American territory.

We’ll see how long this functionality takes to cross borders or WhatsApp will take the lead in this regard. Although at this point, surely Mark Zuckerberg does not worry that one or the other leading the invasion.

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