Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S7 release date set for March 11

We’re almost certain the Samsung Galaxy S7 will launch on February 21 at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, but we’re not sure when the next generation flagship will actually go on sale. Or rather, we weren’t until now.

Techradar spoke to a trusted retail source who said: “The Galaxy S7 is officially being announced on Sunday and pre-orders will go live on the website probably by 8pm GMT, 9pm CET that evening.

“The actual on sale date is going to be March 11, so those who pre-order should get their phones that day or maybe the day after.” This is a date which has been echoed by a number of rumors already.

That’s three weeks after the launch event, and while it may not be quite as swift as Apple’s turnaround times between announcement and on sale, it’s still suitably speedy.

Price puzzle

There’s still no word on pricing though, but you can expect the new Samsung Galaxy S7 (and potentially the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Edge+ too) will sport a lofty price tag similar to that of its predecessors.

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We’ll be reporting live from the Samsung event to bring you all the latest, so stay tuned.

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