Edge Beta for Android already allows to synchronize the data with Edge based on Chromium: these are the steps to achieve it

The arrival of the new Edge based on Chromium is raising a wave of good reviews. Microsoft needed as the water of May a navigator that could replace with guarantees to the aged Internet Explorer, a goal that, passed the time, we have seen they did not know or could achieve with Edge.

The new version with Chromium support is much more open and benefits from the existing improvements in a mature market that incidentally attract more users. We have already seen how to test Edge’s desktop version, but the arrival of Edge also affects Edge for iOS and Android.

And the Edge version for Android already allows users to synchronize all navigation data. What a novelty, some may think. But beware, because the news is that now allows the user to choose.

The version that you can download from the Google Play Store already offers the option to choose the source of the data that we are going to synchronize. We can opt for the “traditional” Edge or if we prefer it for the new Chromium-based Edge of some of the Insider channels.

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How to synchronize with the new Edge

If in your case, you want to try to synchronize the data with the new Edge based on Chromium because you are already using it on PC and it convinces you, these are the steps you have to follow.

Download the beta version from this Google Play link to your Android device and once installed you register with your associated Microsoft account.

Once inside, in the lower left area you must click on the three points of the “Configuration Menu” and in the new window go down to “Configuration” and click on the link of our account.

There we will see in a section, “Configuration of Synchronization”, that offers us two options. Choose between the “traditional” Edge or if you prefer the new Edge based on Chromium. The only observation is that this process only allows you to synchronize favorites for now. To be able to synchronize passwords, open tabs, self-filling options … we should either wait or opt for the classic version of Edge.

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