EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac: the remedy for accidental loss of files

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard offers the necessary tools to recover files deleted by mistake.

EaseUS Data Recovery

Avoid the always dramatic accidental loss of data

We could safely assure ourselves that absolutely every computer user has ever faced a situation that has not been to our liking: to lose valuable information from the hard drive.

From a task of the Institute or the University to information of the work that has to be done passing, evidently, for those photos that we did not want to lose … nevertheless, this scene that normally supposes a crisis can have the solution more easily than we think.

It is possible to repair the damage and for that, it is enough to have a good program to recover deleted files. If we are afraid that it will happen … maybe the time has come to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

The tool to recover deleted information in the most common scenarios

This EaseUS program that can return the information lost in the most common situations. To all of us have some of these things ever happened:

  • Accidental deletion because we have sent to the trash bin that we should not have or have made an inappropriate Cut and Paste.
  • Loss of information due to a failure when updating the operating system.
  • Have mistakenly formatted a storage drive.
  • Erased by viruses, disk failures, power failure, reset when not playing …
  • Well, in this situation, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the solution.

Main Features

To summarize, this software offers us these main features and functions, essential for meeting the need to recover deleted files from any average user:

  • Detection of video and image files, audio, documents, common files and other less common formats.
  • Two recovery modes: simple and deep scanning.
  • Pre-visualization of localized information before proceeding to recovery.
  • Organization of the results in three ways: file path, type and date and time of loss.
  • Saving scan data. Allows import of scan status to retrieve data.
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How does it work? How to recover deleted files on Mac?

Among other virtues of the program, we find the simplicity of its interface. Keep in mind that in a dramatic situation such as a loss of sensitive information, the last thing we want is also to fight with the Mac. That is why we find a simple design that will guide us in the recovery of the file.

We will only have to select the type or types of file that we have lost and then the units of the computer that will scan for them. We run the scan and will locate all that has been deleted voluntarily and accidentally. Once finished we can see in the panel what have been and proceed to its recovery.

These can be organized according to different criteria: Route, type of file and date of elimination. Now that you have located all the files, we only have to select which ones we want to recover by clicking on, of course, the Recover button.

We will give way to the file tree where the files are and we will only have to choose the ones we want. That easy.

What can file types be recovered?

The program works on several file types which are as follows:

  • Image: are the usual. You know, JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format among others, either downloaded from the Internet or from a digital camera.
  • Audio: Sound files such as MP3.
  • Email: emails from customers like Sparrow or Thunderbird.
  • Documents: Office documents such as Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Video: movies, videos downloaded from YouTube, downloads from a digital camera …
  • Common files: for example compressed or executable files of programs.
  • Other file types: files that do not fall into the previous categorization.

Do not hesitate and anticipate disaster: having a utility like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 10.12 can prevent catastrophe.

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