EA Sports returns to the ring: UFC 3 is official and this is their first trailer

EA Sports was not going to sit idle in a year in which all major studios bet on the genre of the fight: ‘UFC 3’ is now official, it will arrive in February 2018 and Conor McGregor will once again star on the cover.

EA’s series of mixed martial arts will follow the line of the two previous installments, leaving aside the acrobatic combats and the fantasy blows and betting on real and explicit battles: dry blows, dams in which both fighters will have to demonstrate their resistance and physicists who seek to reproduce the battles of the octagonal ring in a transgressive manner.

Of course, the star system of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest mixed martial arts company in the world, is again key in the equation: we will have the best fighters (and fighters) in the world and that will also be reflected in an adaptation of the Ultimate Team mode that cannot be missing in any title of EA’s sports division.

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As for the news, ‘UFC 3’ bet to add Real Player Motion (RPM) technology, a new animation system in which the movements will improve their response and fluidity, seeking to further refine the strategic component of the saga.

In addition, EA Sports has confirmed that ‘UFC 3’ will have two editions: the standard includes 5 bonus packs for Ultimate Team and 500 UFC Points as a reserve bonus, while the Champion Edition will offer more envelopes as well as a Champions Edition wrestler for Ultimate Team and three days of early access to the game.

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