E3 2017: Crackdown 3 will be one of the launch titles of Xbox One X

Crackdown 3 comes on stage in Los Angeles with an engaging trailer where shootouts, destruction, and explosions of all kinds are the undisputed protagonists.

The expected game will be one of the titles that will accompany Xbox One X at launch, its release is in fact set for November 7th.

It will also be available on Windows 10-based PCs and will support the Xbox PlayAnywhere service, so buying the Crackdown 3 edition for Xbox will also get the version for Windows 10 free and vice versa.

The title on PC will obviously only be available from the Windows Store and will not be available on the well-known Valve, Steam platform.

It will be set in an immense futuristic city populated by numerous and above all intelligent enemies. A lot of weapons and lots of vehicles.

At the level of gameplay explosions and destruction will be the two elements that make the experience of Crackdown 3 incredibly engaging.

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We are confident that the very exclusive enthusiast will be able to show all the potential of the new console.

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