E3 2016: Star Wars Battlefront VR

EA’s E3 question and answer session are over, and on account of the Titanfall 2 battle trailer releasing prior in the day, there weren’t any gigantic shocks.

Indeed, even the segment devoted to the distributer’s list of Star Wars diversions didn’t uncover a horrendous part – with the exception of this:

E3 Star Wars Battlefront VR


Is that an X-Wing VR diversion we spot? It positively appears as though it.

In March, Electronic Arts and Sony declared they were cooperating to make a variant of Star Wars Battlefront, particularly for PlayStation VR.

Beyond any doubt enough, at EA Play 2016 EA said: “Ivories is additionally working with Criterion on a selective Star Wars Battlefront VR mission for PlayStation VR this year.”

So it gives the idea that is what we’re taking a gander at.

Be that as it may, EA’s arrangement of Star Wars titles extends well past Battlefront: Titanfall maker Respawn is additionally taking a shot at an amusement, as is Dead Space studio Visceral Games.

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