DreamWorks Universe of Legends: the game featuring the characters of DreamWorks arrives in Google Play

Google Play continually offers us new games that we can entertain with for some time anywhere thanks to our mobile. Some of them, however, are based in some way on famous people or include them directly, whether of other games, series or films. The latter is the case of the title that concerns us.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends is a game in which, as you can guess, the main characters created by DreamWorks come together. It is a simple title, with some friendly graphics and a certain multiplayer component that will allow you to face other players.

Our first protagonist is Po, the Kung Fu Panda who, in history, trying to beat a villain, unwittingly released him, which triggered characters in the DreamWorks universe to be affected by this event. The mission is to join with other heroes like Spooky from Madagascar or Shrek, form a team and crush any enemy who dares to get in the way.

Inside the game, the mechanics are very simple: just click on where you want to go and select which enemy you want to attack. At the right time, in addition, you can use a skill that will have a great effect on the fight. During the first levels, the tutorial guides us on how to fight, how to invoke other heroes and how to improve our team.

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When you go forward enough, in case it is monotonous to do the same thing all the time, we can activate the auto mode, which causes the characters to advance and fight on their own, leaving only the use of the skills unless you also activate its automatic release).

Later, when you have advanced enough, you can fight other players and their teams, but until then the game is a bit monotonous because it is all the time to do the same. The only time you find yourself challenging is with the fattest bosses, where you’ll have to use the skills at the right time.

The graphics are quite friendly and there are no problems running, so in that aspect, anyone can rest easy. The game is a free download and has no ads, although you buy in the application to gain advantages of invoking more powerful characters or replenish energy.


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