DJI Phantom 4 is the human-tracking, obstacle-avoiding drone you shouldn’t fear…yet

DJI has announced the Phantom 4 – the latest in its line of camera-mounted drones that will not only help you snag that difficult tracking shot, but do it without your help.

The Phantom 4 features subject tracking, which allows it to stay focused on a single target without additional steering, as well as the ability to autonomously avoid collisions.

In essence, the Phantom 4 is less a remote-controlled quadrcopter with a GoPro strapped to the front, and more a self-piloting eye in the sky.

YouTube :

Drone enthusiasts and budding cinematographers will have to save up a bit if they want to get their hands on the Phantom 4, as DJI announced that each camera drone will retail for $1,399.

Consider that price an investment, should thee obstacle-avoidance feature of the Phantom 4 result in fewer crashes due to amateur piloting, and thus less money spent at DJI’s costly repair service.

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