Destiny 2: Release still in 2017, PC version comes

After the first info packs come to the big serve: Activision calls the date, shows a new trailer – and announces the PC version officially!

Destiny 2
Destiny 2” is coming! This official info was posted a few days ago via Twitter into the world.
Then Activision fed the fans with an entertaining teaser to the game, which gave however hardly any information.

Now comes the first big info well with some hard facts: “Destiny 2” will be released on September 8, 2017, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Right – for PC! After the predecessor appeared only on consoles, Activision heard the fans and brought the successor to the start also on the PC.

Destiny 2: details of the story

With the announcement, there are also first details on the story of “Destiny 2”. In the new part, the last safe city on the earth has fallen.

The new adversary Ghoul has occupied the tower – the battlefield of the first part with his red legion.

The power of the guardians fades and the few survivors have fled. They represent themselves as part of the Legion’s vanguard and have to re-shape the city’s armed forces.

To do so, use new weapons and abilities, fight on Earth and other planets of the solar system. The basic framework of “Destiny” – the mixture of the solo mission, cooperative and multiplayer components – is maintained by developer Bungie.

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Destiny 2: Two extensions are coming

Activision is also releasing information about the content of the different versions of “Destiny 2” – and thus indirectly announces two extensions.

The product description of the sumptuous Collector’s Edtion, for instance, speaks of extensions 1 and 2, which extend the game with new story missions, co-op missions, multiplayer content, and weapons and equipment.

Also here Activision and Bungie follow the scheme of Part 1, which also got some more extensive add-ons missed.

You can pre-order “Destiny 2” in several versions. The Limited Edition includes two main features and some extras – a legendary sword for your playing character, a steel book cover and a collector’s box.

The Collector’s Edition offers, in addition to the main game and DLCs, items and weapons as well as a “Frontier” pocket with a side compartment for 15 “tablets and a” Frontier “kit with solar powered USB charger.

A big package – for which you currently pay just under 250 euros.


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