Destiny 2: legendary weapons and equipment, dances and even a “mic drop” in the trailer of the curse of Osiris

Destiny 2: legendary weapons and equipment, dances and even a "mic drop" in the trailer of the curse of Osiris

The recently announced December adjustments are just the prelude to the next big event in ‘Destiny 2‘ : Bungie begins to pave the way for the ‘curse of Osiris’, the first of the two announced expansions, and there’s nothing better than an advance of the booty and the contents that will await us in this new adventure.

As Cayde-6 said, loot is one of the key elements of this space shooter, and this expansion promises more and better weapons and equipment, as well as legendary content enough to satisfy the most dedicated and greedy guardians.

Of course, ‘Destiny 2‘ is much more than adventures and destruction by the milky way: there is also time for fun and new gestures and dances promise to delight the fans. It is clear that we will see new crazy choreographies by the community, but now they will also have the perfect brooch: a new gesture that allows us to make a ‘mic drop’.

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Is there a better way to celebrate the victory of an epic boss?

The curse of Osiris‘ wants to become the revulsive one that currently needs ‘Destiny 2’: the endgame has not finished convincing the most seasoned players and the algorithm of progression once reached the maximum level is being reconsidered after the bad reception of the same and that even derived in a direct one in which the novelties would be presented.

The arrival of ‘The curse of Osiris’ is scheduled for next December 5, which means that these days there will be the maintenance of the service. Of course, we can take to make space for preload (88 GB on PS4, 44 GB on Xbox One and 68 GB on PC).

What mysteries will there be in those colossal data packages? In less than a week, we will find out.

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